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Strengthen your child's foundation in English...
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Sign up for our free weekly newsletter and English vocabulary worksheets.  

Options for Emergent, Beginner, and Intermediate learners will be sent to you.

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Help your child create a weekly routine of learning, practicing, and reviewing new vocabulary with our free worksheets and flashcards. 


Enroll your child in one of our online classes to build on their knowledge, skill, and love of English.

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How do I get my free newsletter and vocabulary practice?

Simply sign up above.  We will add you to our weekly email list so you can start receiving our newsletters and vocabulary practice worksheets. 

What is included in the vocabulary practice?

Emergent and Beginner practice includes vocabulary with illustrations and practice space for writing and identifying the letter or word, flashcards with the words and illustrations, and a coloring sheet.  Intermediate/Advanced practice includes words with definitions and space for identifying and writing the words with their meaning as well as flashcards with the words, definitions, and illustrations.  

How often will I receive email newsletters and vocabulary practice?

We send out a newsletter with vocabulary practice once a week. 

How much does the vocabulary practice cost?

It's completely free! 

How do I know which level to choose for my child?

We have 2 levels of free vocabulary practice. 

Emergent practice is for new learners who are still learning and practicing the ABCs. 

Beginner practice is for new learners who know the ABCs and are learning English sight words.   

How can my child practice the vocabulary?

Our vocabulary practice sheets encourage students to identify words, practice writing letters and words, and create their own collection of English vocabulary flashcards.  Flashcards are a great tool for quick study and review as well as creating games of finding, identifying, and matching.  

In our newsletters, we also share tips and tricks of helping children focus, engage, and feel motivated to learn through practice and play. 

How can my child get more English practice?

Enroll your child in one of our semester courses or our monthly camps where they can join a small group of students in learning and practicing English reading, vocabulary, writing, and speaking. 


The English ConnectEd philosophy includes elements of Montessori, Waldorf, and American classrooms to provide a motivating online experience for English learners of all ages.


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